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We have several supporters who make a regular commitment by direct debit and we are supported through people who recognise the value of the work we do.

The trust does not employ any paid workers, all of the work is undertaken by trustees and friends of the trust on a voluntary basis.

The Breast Cancer Survival Trust

The Breast Cancer Survival Trust was established to give small grants to women in the North East of England who are affected by breast cancer. It was established in 1993 by a group of women in the North East who were concerned about the impact of Breast Cancer on women’s lives.

The trust gives small grants of up to £100 to women to enable them to purchase whatever they think will make them feel a little better

The trust believes it is much easier to establish a sense of well being. To have a good day out, to be able to buy new clothes that fit, have a haircut or a massage can all help in dealing with the stress of the situation and for a short while put aside the cancer.

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All the money for the trust is raised through local fundraising efforts and voluntary donations. We try to never refuse a grant, although the amount we give obviously depends upon how much we have available at the time.

For some women, a treat can mean being able to pay for essentials that many people take for granted. A washing machine, a duvet, paying the telephone bill, can take away a major worry. Even being able to afford the cost of transport to and from the hospital for radiotherapy can make a huge contribution to feeling better.


Reg Charity Number 1049884