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Below are some ideas you could use for fundraising. If you would like to send us your idea
or fundraising stories, please get in touch.


  • Bring a pound to work - get your colleagues involved and ask everyone you work
    with to bring a pound for your chosen charity
  • Dress up or down day - organise a fancy dress day and make people pay for the privilege,
    or if you normally wear formal clothes then have a dress down day where people can come
    to work in jeans
  • Host your own BBQ or party at home and charge your friends to come
  • Car boot/jumble sale - get rid of your clutter and help a charity in the process
  • Have a coffee morning with a raffle - get your friends to donate small prizes
  • Do a sponsor - you can make this as outrageous as you want such as 4 hours in a bath of beans,
    or a 2 hour workout.




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